"Royal Lapdog of Color"
The "Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka". A beauty rarely seen outside Europe....until now.
If you love the elegant refinement of a maltese or the gentle intelligence of the havanese...perhaps you will find the bolonka to be a contender in your search for the perfect pet. For some the maintenance of the pristine all white coated breeds prove to be too much and breeds such as the havanese just a tad too large. In walks the bolonka! Elegant and chic...small and intelligent...and a colored coat with a wave/curl that masks the grooming challenges many encounter. The Bolonka is a small sturdy lapdog from Russia. They are a curly/wavy coated breed that evolved similar to the present day Bichon Frise except it is much smaller and never white.
Did I mention...I have never heard a yappy bolonka? Yes, these are quiet little dogs as well.
Sound perfect? Well, it is for us and perhaps it will be for you.
Bolonka Treasures is pleased to introduce you to one of the rarest and most endearing lapdogs in the world today, the “Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka”. Prepare to be mesmerized and intrigued by our little “Jewels of Russia".
~Bolonka Treasures

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