Our Program


There are bolonka….and then there are Bolonka Treasures. 

Our program is based on honesty, integrity, and love of the breed.  First and foremost…these are our pets and live in the home.

Breedings are designed to increase the strength of the breed and closely follow the Russian breed standard.  

With the exception of our first bolonka, our foundation stock have been imported from Europe; where we felt the genetic diversity, breeding practices, and exhibition of the bolonka is far more advanced. 

We pay close attention to health, structure, and temperament.   While, no one can guarantee that a living creature will never have a problem, responsible breeders take the time to study pedigrees and educate themselves to minimize problems from occurring. 

Raising dogs is a labor of love and breeding is not for everyone.   We take this endeavor seriously by being active in the dog community and  attending educational seminars throughout the year related to canine healthcare practices.

Obtaining a Puppy/Dog

We offer puppies and adults to loving, responsible homes.

As guardians of the breed, we require that all companion pets be placed in approved homes with spay/neuter contracts.   Full registration (breeding rights) is at breeder discretion.

Price reflects the quality, care, and uniqueness of the breed.

Transportation arrangements are made with the puppy's safety in mind.  We prefer to meet you in person.

It is our goal to raise the bar and set the gold standard for the development of this breed in the United States.

We look forward to hearing from you…and sharing our love for these little Russian Jewels.
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Bolonka Treasures
The Southwest’s Premier Exhibitor & Breeder of Champion and Companion Bolonka
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Click here to submit your online puppy application!