Where do I start?  Like many others in the dog fancy I have loved animals my entire life and could certainly tell my share of stories of life with everything from hamsters to horses.  

How did I come to have bolonka?  I discovered this delightful breed while seeking a companion and show potential.   I wanted a small dog with long hair (not fur) a sweet, loving temperament….and  color!  I had a maltese show potential and knew the white coats were a bit much for me at the time.   Then I discovered bolonka, havanese, and coton de tulear at about the same time.  How does a person choose!!! 

I acquired my first bolonka puppy and my heart melted.  I entered that darling girl in her first show and proudly came home with the coveted “Best In Show” ribbon.  We were  hooked.  

Future Champions

Many thanks to caring breeders that have entrusted me with the lovely dogs used as  the foundation of “Bolonka Treasures“.

“Bolonka Treasures” was established and joined  bolonka breeders worldwide dedicated to this charming little dog.  

Today, I am blessed to be entrusted with bolonki representing some the finest lines available in the United States today through caring breeders from both here in north america and countries around the globe.    Yes, around the globe.  So when I tell you I understand your fears of  purchasing a dog outside of your state, believe me….I really do.  I met each one of my bolonka for the first time…at the airport. 
North American Tsvetnaya Bolonka Club (NATBC)
American Rare Breed Association (ARBA)
North American Kennel Club (NAKC)
Kachina Kennel Club (AKC)**
Caliente All Breed Dog Club (UKC)**

**The Bolonka is not yet recognized by the AKC or the UKC.
Bolonka Treasures
The Southwest’s Premier Exhibitor & Breeder of Champion and Companion Bolonka
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